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Portal menu / Portal properties Regional settings Meta tags / Edit meta tag


You can select the most common meta tags here. You can also define custom meta tags simply by entering the name of your meta tag without selecting an existing meta tag.

Value (single language)

Values for single language meta tags, such as "Robots=nofollow", can be entered here.

Value (multi-language)

With this option, values can be entered in each of the portal languages.

Other languages
Opens a dialog where the value can be entered in each of the portal languages. Multilingual values cannot be connected to global language constants.

Layout mapping

For all layouts

The meta tag will be generated in all Portal layouts with this option.

For mobile devices only

The meta tag will only be generated in pages which have been transformed for mobile devices.

For selected layouts only

The meta tag can be released for individual layouts here.

Available layouts

All layouts that can be selected are listed here.

Selected layouts

All layouts are listed here where the meta tag is entered.

Move the currently selected layout from one list to the other.

Modify the order of the layouts in the list.

More information

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