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Applications module Data field with file data type and de.uplanet.lucy.server.mfiles.connector.MFilesFileHandler handler Properties

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M-Files fields

First column

Mandatory fields in M-Files are designated as such with this symbol.

Field column

Displays the field name for the data field from the vault.

Type column

Displays the M-Files data type.

Assignment column

Displays the assigned Intrexx data field.

Update as well? column

If the checkbox in this column is activated, the value will be transferred to M-Files when the dataset is saved and not just when a new dataset is created.

Options column

If the field M-Files Lookup or MultiSelectLookup field, to which an Intrexx data field has been assigned, a button will appear here. Information about this can be found here.

Opens a dialog where you can define how the values of drop-down lists in M-Files are identified.

Save value column

For certain purposes, it is necessary to save a static value to an Intrexx field as well. This is the case, for example, if "From Intrexx" was selected for "Evaluation of the ID", and a GUID needs to be generated for that purpose. This is defined as a GUID value and an M-Files field created for this is assigned to it. Since this GUID will need to be available for use in Intrexx later as well, in order to determine the corresponding object in M-Files, you will automatically be asked after assigning the value to an M-Files field whether the value also needs to be saved in an Intrexx data field.

Save value in data field
Opens a dialog where a data field for saving the value can be selected.

Last columns

If fields have been mapped that are not compatible with one another, then this symbol will appear here.

Intrexx values

The data fields of the Intrexx data group, or the fields of a parent data group, and user-defined values are listed here.

Field/Value column

Displays the name of the data field or user-defined value.

Type column

Displays the data type of the field.

Add value
Opens a dialog where a user-defined value can be configured.

Assigns a field in M-Files to an Intrexx field or removes the assignment respectively. This means that when a record is saved in Intrexx, the value from the Intrexx field is automatically saved to the linked M-Files field in M-Files. Please note here that the field data type in M-Files needs to be compatible with its counterpart in Intrexx.

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