Options - General

Extras menu / Options / General

Show server selection dialog at startup

The dialog for selecting a server will be shown when you start the Portal Manager.

Animate splash screen

The animation of the splash screen, which is shown when Intrexx starts, can be switched off here.

Remember dialog dimensions

If you change the dialog dimensions from the default dimensions, then these new dimensions will be saved for the dialog.

Only when larger than the default dimensions

The new dimensions will only be saved if they are larger than the default.

Online help URL

The default setting for this option is a link to the Intrexx online help on the United Planet server.
This link contains the placeholder "${doc_version}", which will be automatically replaced by the version of Intrexx that you are currently using, and "${language}", which is automatically replaced by the language you are using. "${section}" is a parameter that controls the table of contents and direct context-sensitive help that you open by pressing the F1 key.