License Manager - All licenses

Extras menu / License Manager

License column

Here you will find the categories for which licenses have been entered, such as licenses for the Portal Server, Intrexx Share, connectors or applications, which you have purchased from the Intrexx Application Store. Click on the arrow button to show the entered licenses.

Portal column

You can see to which portal a license has been assigned here. Licenses, which have not been assigned, are identified accordingly.

Assignment column

You can see which proportion of a license have been assigned to which portal. For example, a license for 68 users could be distributed across two portals, 38 users for Portal A and 30 users for Portal B.

Last column

Show details
Opens a dialog where the license key can be viewed.

Means that a license is about to expire or has already expired.

If a license is infringed upon, such as when too many users have been created, the license row will be shown in red. If there are warnings or only 10% of the available licenses are still available, the license row will be shown in yellow. New licenses are highlighted in blue. A connection to the portal is required to query the users for the Limited or Named User license. If this is not available, the row will be shown in yellow with a "No connection" symbol.

Add license
Opens a dialog where a new license key can be entered.

Remove license
Deletes the currently selected license key.

Edit license
Opens a dialog where the currently selected license key can be assigned.

Assigned licenses

Displays how licenses have been assigned to the portals.

Highlight new licenses

When this option is activated, newly entered licenses with be color-coded.

Key combination CTRL + F

Opens a dialog where you can search for license keys.