Data transfer - Oracle data source

Integration module Create Data transfer General settings / Type of data source: JDBC Source - JDBC database / Click on Wizard Select driver Oracle / Click on "Next"

Simplified connection

With this option, Intrexx will enter all parameters which you have edited in the connection URL automatically.

Complex connection

With this option, you will write the connection URL yourself.

Driver type

Select the driver type (thin or oci) for the simplyfied connection.


Enter the server name here.


The Oracle DBMS normally uses port 1521. If your Oracle server is running on a different port, please enter it here.


Enter the name of the service with which the used Oracle instance was started here. For Oracle XE, the letters XE must be entered here. The start command of this version is, for example, c:/orac:/oraclexe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/bin/ORACLE.EXE.

Service name / SID

Here, select whether the connection should be established with the service name or SID.

User name / Password

Enter the login data for an existing user who has permission to create a new user or rather a new schema.