Assign user-defined attributes and classes

Import Import / Select an application that references a user-defined attribute or class that is not available in the current portal User-defined attributes / Click on "Next"

Import an application that references the User application

All attributes, which can be found in the portal but are not in the Users application, are listed here. If the current user has the corresponding permissions and the User application is not opened, the "Usable in other modules" option will be activated for these attributes so that these fields are available in the Users application and the import can be performed.

Import the Users application

This dialog is shown if the import is not possible because the Users application being imported does not contain all classes and attributes from the current portal.

"Class name" column

Displays the name of the class.

"Attribute name" column

Displays the name of the attribute.

"DB column name" column

Displays the column name of the attribute.