Exchange connection - General tab

Integration module Existing Exchange connection Properties

Connection name

Under this name, you will later select the connection in applications.

MediaGateway connection data

A fundamental requirement for successful access to the Exchange server is the completed installation of MediaGateway.

Host, Port, Time zone

Enter the Host, Port and Time zone for the MediaGateway server.


Activates the encrypted transfer of data to the MediaGateway. This option is recommended if Intrexx and Intrexx MediaGateway are installed on different servers. By default, the MediaGateway will use port 8087 for connections, as well as port 9087 for SSL encrypted connections. Changing these ports may be necessary if, for example, they are already in use by other applications or they have been blocked by a firewall. In this case, you can change the ports as follows:
<setting name="SSLPort" serializeAs="String">
   <setting name="Port"
   <setting name="SSLPort"
   <setting name="UdpPort"

MediaGateway Administrator account

This account is required for the administrative access to the MediaGateway server.

Change password

Opens a dialog where the password can be modified. The default password from Intrexx is "1234".