Intrexx Share plugin - Positioning on time line

Applications module Data group Properties Plugins tab / Create new Intrexx Share plugin / Continue Life cycle and time management Edit positioning

Position on time line after post creation

Here you can set the position of a feed on the time line when it is created.

Edit position
Opens a dialog where the position can be configured.

Move position on time line after post modification

With this option, an existing post, which is positioned lower on the timeline, can be moved to a different position as a result of a change in a data record.

Edit position
Opens a dialog where the new position can be configured.

Only move post if post is already visible

Means that only posts, which are already visible in Intrexx Share, will be moved when a change is made to the data record.

Move post if filter matches

A filter can be defined as an additional criterion as to when a post should be moved on the time line.

Edit filter
Opens a dialog where a filter can be created.