Relationships - User-defined attributes

Relationships module Import a relationship with user-defined attributes

Source package

When importing relationships from another portal, references to user-defined attributes in the User Manager of the original portal must be taken into account. If the user-defined attribute is not contained in the User Manager of the target portal, a message will be shown stating that the missing attributes must be entered in the Schema Manager. Afterwards, the application import can be restarted and the attribute can be mapped.

Title column

The title of the attribute is shown here.

Data type column

The data type of the attribute is shown here; this should match the data type of the mapped attribute.

Assignment column

After an attribute has been mapped, its title is shown here.

Target system

In this column, you can see the corresponding properties - which are relevant to the mapping - for the attribute in the current portal.

Maps the currently selected attribute or removes the mapping, respectively.