Image selection

You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Design module - Images integrated into the layout
Applications module All elements where an image can be integrated

Application / Layout images

Any image that is added to the Application images / Layout images folder is directly saved in an individual directory for the application or layout, respectively. These images can solely be used in the current application or layout, respectively.

Image family

Images from the Intrexx image family can be selected here. Click on the arrow symbol to display subordinate folders. Images and folders from the Intrexx image family cannot be edited.

New folder

Adds a new folder.

Add image...

A new image can be selected from a directory here.

Rename object

Here, the name of the highlighted object (image, folder) can be modified.

Delete object

Removes the highlighted object.

Show original image

Displays the original of the highlighted image in a separate window.


By using the icon at the bottom right, the image list can be depicted in the displays "Simple", "List", "Symbol" and "Details".