Data transfer - SQL query in target

Integration module Data transfer / Create new connection Data source and Target type: JDBC, Click on "Next" Transformation - Field assignment / Add query

If data should be transferred after being filtered, you can define a target query here. Afterwards, the query result can be assigned in the field assignment as usual.


Enter a name for the SQL query.

Tables for queries in target

Standard catalog tab

Select the desired object.

Search tab


You can search for specific tables here. Simply enter the corresponding search term.

Triggers the search.

Search all catalogs

The search is performed across all catalogs.

Catalog column

The name of the catalog is shown here.

Schema column

The name of the schema is shown here.

Name column

The name of the object is shown here.

Columns in selected table

Select the desired column here.

Available source fields for comparison

The fields from the source, whose values should be compared, can be selected here.

In each case, enters the selected object automatically into the query.


You can see the request, which was created automatically based on the object selected above, at the bottom of the dialog. Please make sure to use the correct, database-dependent syntax when formulating the query.