Data transfer - Source / Target - JDBC database

You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Integration module Data transfer / Create new connection Data source type: JDBC, Click on "Next"
Integration module Data transfer / Create new connection Target type: JDBC, Click on "Next"


Enter the driver for the connection to the database here.


Enter the URL to the database here.

Opens a wizard which will help you to configure the connection. However, there is no guarantee that every external data source is supported by the wizard.

Time zone

Select the required time zone.

Authentication tab

User / Password

If the database requires an authentication, enter the username and password here.

Connection parameters tab

Driver-dependent parameters can be entered here.

Name column

Displays the name of a parameter.

Value column

Displays the value of a parameter.

Add new connection parameter
Creates a new row for a new parameter.

United Planet assumes no responsibility for errors arising from the entry of incorrect connection parameters in this dialog.

Delete connection parameter
Deletes the parameter.

Update list
Refreshes the list of parameters.