Data transfer - Source / Target - Text file

You can reach this dialog in the following ways:
Integration module Data transfer / Create new connection Data source type: Text file, Continue to Source - Text file
Integration module Data transfer / Create new connection Target type: Text file, Continue to Target - Text file


Shows the path and file name.

Opens a dialog where the source file or target path to the export file can be selected, respectively. In both cases, the file must be stored in a directory released for the server.

Column separator

Select the character with which the columns in the text file should be separated.

Field delimiter

Select the character that denotes the beginning and end of the individual entries in the text file.

File contains headers

With this option, the first line is not imported but is used as the column title for the field assignment.


You can select the encoding used in the text file.

Time zone

If the text file contains date values, the time zone can be modified here.


Text files used as a source or target in the data transfer must have the following format: If you want to export data as a text file, you first have to create a configuration file. In a text editor (Notepad, for example), create a text file named "schema.ini" in ANSI format. For each file in this directory, create a section that describes the properties of the text file as below:
Col1=Field1 Char
Col2=Field2 Integer
Col3=Field3 Float 
Line 1: File name in brackets (required)
Line 2: Column names exist (True) or not true (False) (required)
Line 3: Divider character (required)
Line 4: Number of rows which will be read for the detection of the field data type
Line 5: Character set
Lines 6 through 8: Names and data types of the individual columns. Permitted values are: For date data types, use the formats: Here, mm represents the month as a number, mmm represents the month name. A field that only contains numbers with leading zeros - and should be imported with these zeros into Intrexx - must be defined as "Char". When importing from a text file (*.txt, *.csv) via the OLEDB interface into an Intrexx application, leading zeros in a field otherwise filled only with numbers will not be imported, if the assigned target field in the application has the string data type. This behavior of the OLEDB interface cannot be influenced by Intrexx. It automatically deals with fields filled only with numbers as integer fields, but there is also a configuration file named "schema.ini" in the same directory as the text file, which defines the data type.

Additional information can be found here.