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The GUID of the selector is shown here.

The GUID is copied to the clipboard.

2. Source

The source of the data that should be read is defined here. The following types are available for selection:

2.1. Control


Select the desired control for the data source.

2.2. Parameter


Select the desired parameter for the data source.

2.3. Data field

Data field

Select the desired ReadContainer and data field for the data source.

2.4. Session / Request / Processing context

Session / Request / Processing context

Select the desired session variable (or request parameter or variable from the processing context, respectively) for the source.

2.5. Static value

Static value

A static character string can be entered as the source here.

2.6. Velocity


Velocity script, which provides the source value, can be entered here.

2.7. Current user

Current user

Select the desired field from the User Manager that should be used as the data source.

2.8. System data group

Application / Data field

Select the desired application and data field from the system data group that should be used as the data source.

2.9. Other


Enter the name of your parameter here.

3. Target / Record

The target of the selector and the status of the record, which will be filtered, is shown here.

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