Edit field - Type: Text - Options tab

Applications module Edit field Properties

Maximum entry length

In this field, you can define the maximum amount of characters that may be entered. If you leave this field blank, the maximum of 255 characters will be defined. The edit field is not suitable for entering more characters. Use the text area instead for longer texts. If a user exceeds the maximum number of characters, an error message will appear.

Restrict entry via regular expression

You can enter a regular expression that defines which characters may be entered. Other characters will not be accepted. The following regular expressions are possible:
  1. [a-z]
    exactly one lower case letter from a-z
  2. [a-z]*
    0 to infinite letter from a-z
  3. [0-9]
    exactly one number between 0 and 9
  4. [a-zA-Z0-9_]
    exactly one character - one letter, number or underscore
  5. [abc]
    a,b or c
  6. [^abc]
    not a,b or c
Following characters need to be escaped by a backslash: