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Applications module View tagging - Bookmarks Properties


Word cloud

This setting will sort all tags alphabetically and display them in different sizes, depending on their frequency, as a link. They can also be edited by clicking on this link.

Record view

In the record view, both the "My tags" and "All tags" areas will be shown. In the "My tags" area, the user's own tags will be shown. The user can, just like in the corresponding edit element Tagging - Bookmarks, create new tags in the "My tags" area.

Options - Word cloud

Only show tags for this application

If this setting is not activated, all tags will be displayed that have been created in the current portal. If the setting is activated, a data group can additionally be selected; the tags display will be limited to this group.

Only show own bookmarks

This setting will only show the bookmarks that you have entered.

Expand to maximum available width

Adjusts the width of the element to its surrounding elements.

Update Word cloud when page is loaded

Refreshes the Word cloud when the page is loaded.

Depict a tag's frequency in font size

Enlarges the font size if the tag is used on a regular basis.

Options - Record view

Show tag suggestions

When text is entered in the element, a tooltip will display suggestions based on existing tags. Clicking on this suggestion will insert it as the tag.