Intrexx Share plugin - Display

Applications module Data group Properties Plugins tab / Create new Intrexx Share plugin Continue to Display


Plugin is predefined

With this option, it will be automatically included in Intrexx Share for all users with the corresponding rights, and will also be subscribed to by all users with corresponding rights. With it, the entries in the data group, for which the plugin has been defined, will also be shown in Intrexx Share, without requiring the plugin explicitly to be subscribed to. Users cannot unsubscribe from predefined plugins.

Subscription to plugin is optional

With this option,the plugin must be subscribed to in the plugin manager in Intrexx Share. Once this is done, the entries in the data group, for which the plugin has been defined, will be shown in Intrexx Share.


The categories, which are used to group the posts, are available for selection here. Select a suitable category for the entries which come from your application.

Administer categories
Opens a dialog where categories can be created and edited.

Plugin symbols

In the lower area of the dialog, you can select large and small symbols that will represent feeds from this plugin configuration in Intrexx Share. The image will be suggested appropriate to the category, and can be changed if required.

Enable commenting of posts

With this setting you can specify whether users can add comments to posts in Intrexx Share that have come by this plugin.

Enable forwarding of feeds

With this setting, posts from this plugin can be shared.