Page wizard - New view page

Applications module Page wizard / Click on "Next" Select Data list / Continue to Data list dialog Select Free layout table / Click on "Next" Free layout table / Create view page


Enter a title for the view page here. Click here for more information about defining titles.

Add data field
Opens a dialog where you can create new data fields in the current data group.

Add control Opens a dialog where existing data fields can be selected for the creation of view elements.

Remove control Removes the currently selected control.

Move up / down
Adjust the order of the elements in the list.

Control type

In this drop-down list, select the format with which the contents of the control are to be displayed in the browser.


Here, you will define whether the title of the control – the caption that explains which field is being addressed in the browser – will be created above or to the left of the control. The title and the position of the title cannot be chosen when creating a page with an accessible layout. The title will be automatically created to the left of the view control.