Gallery type B properties - Extended tab

Applications module Gallery type B Properties

Additional settings

Alignment of image preview bar

With the gallery – type B, you can set the alignment of image preview bar to be horizontal or vertical.

Type of scrolling

Three modes can be selected for the function of the image preview bar:

Show image preview bar in gallery view

With this setting the image preview bar will be shown in the gallery.

Start gallery view when page is opened

Effects the start of the slideshow when the page is loaded.


Show slideshow control

Shows the links "Start" and "Stop" in the browser. These are used to start and stop the slideshow.

Start slideshow automatically

The slideshow starts automatically when the page is loaded.

Slideshow speed

Define how long it should take until the images change in milliseconds.



Select the effect of your choice.


Additional effects are available to you here that affect the images' movement when they change.

Duration of effect on image change

Define the effects length in milliseconds.