Filter information properties - General tab

Applications module Filter information Properties


Provide the filter information with a title here. Click here for more information about defining titles.

Displayed text when filter is active

Here, you can enter text that will be displayed in the browser when the filter is active. Click here for more information.

Expand to maximum available width

With this setting, the table will be take up the maximum available width of the page in the browser.

Synchronize with dependency

This setting has the effect that the filter information will then always be refreshed when an existing dependency is run on the page. If you choose this setting and then select the desired dependency in the drop-down list, the event controls and the displayed controls will automatically be placed in this dialog. The settings there will be used from the settings or the selected dependency and will no longer be able to be changed.

The control will be refreshed when the following events occur

If the "Synchronize with dependency" setting is not set, you can define after which events the values in the filter information will be refreshed on this area.

"Control" column

All elements that events have been assigned to are listed here.

"Event" column

The events assigned to the controls are listed here. Events written in italics only function under specific conditions.

Create event
Opens a dialog where the triggering control and the event can be determined.

Delete event
Removes the event currently selected in the list.

Edit event
Opens a dialog where the event currently selected in the list can be edited.

Visible controls

In this area, you can select which controls should be shown in the browser.

Add control
Opens a dialog where the controls can be selected.

Delete control
Removes the control currently selected in the list.

Move selected control up / down
Adjusts the order of the controls.

Show title

The title of the corresponding control will also be shown to the left of the filter information.

By clicking on the close symbol in the end device executes the onchange event of the corresponding control. If the "Synchronize with dependency" setting is selected, the list of the controls to be executed will then be complemented with the onchange event, automatically in the corresponding dependency. If these automatically entered controls should be removed from the dependency, first the "Synchronize with dependency" setting must be deactivated in the corresponding filter information.