File data field properties: File handler

Applications module Data group / Create new file data field

Data type of the primary key

The links to files and file metadata is stored in a child data group that is connected to the parent data group using a foreign key relationship.


The data group is created with an integer - primary key.


The data group is created with a string - primary key which uses a GUID for each data record.

Intrexx handlers

The handler class takes on the task of saving, reading and deleting files. You can select a handler for the following:

Alternative handlers

Enter handlers here that need to be specified as a class.

File storage location

Select the storage location here.

Relative path

You can also specify a relative path, meaning a child folder path from the selected file storage location.

Changing the storage path is possible after the application is created, but it requires all files to be manually moved from the old location to the new path. As long as you know exactly which files belong to which data group, you can move them to the new path. You must then change the alias, which references the new file storage location, in the properties of the data field.