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Appointments to be checked

If required, create a Filter here.

The "Only prevent duplicate assignment" setting can only be selected if a plugin performs conflict resolution with itself. A filter is then defined internally that finds a conflict when a resource is already booked at a specific time. If the setting is selected, no static filter may be specified at the same time. Deactivate this option if you want to define your own filter.


For the "Before" and "After" buffer, you must enter an integer value if a conflict should be reported before or after a conflict. Three notation styles are valid to specify the individual parts of this buffer ("Day", "Hour", and "Minute"): If a sign (+ or -) is specified, the corresponding time frame will be added or subtracted. If integers without a sign are entered, the time portion is replaced.


If a conflict is detected, the user will be notified of this when saving the data record.


Provide the conflict resolution with a title. Click here for more information about defining titles.


As with the title, the description can be specified either statically or dynamically from a constant.