Calendar and Resource - Views tab

Applications module Calendar element Properties


In the browser, the user has the ability to switch the view mode, such as from a month view to a week view. On this dialog page, you define which views are available in the browser.

Add view
Opens a dialog where a new view can be created.

Delete view
Removes a view from the list.

Edit view
Opens a dialog where a view can be edited.

Move view up / down
Adjusts the order of the view.


Presets one of the views so that it will be used by default when the page is loaded in the browser.

Display text if no resource is found

With this setting, a text can be defined that is used if no resources are available.

Use global text

Uses the Intrexx default text.

Text if no resource exists

A static text can be specified in multiple languages here, or a constant can be used.