Calendar plugin properties - Conflict resolution tab

Applications module Data group Properties Plugins tab - Create or edit plugin

Conflict resolution allows you to define which plugins should be checked to make sure, for example, that a room is not booked twice. You can also define which edit pages are exempt from the check, even if the check is in principle active. The check is performed when an appointment is saved.

Activate conflict resolution

Activates conflict resolution.

Plugins that are to be checked

All plugins that are included in the check are listed in this area.

Add plugin
Opens a dialog where the plugins to be checked can be selected.

Delete plugin
Removes a plugin from the list.

Edit conflict resolution
Opens the settings dialog for the conflict resolution.

Move selected plugins up / down
Modify the order that the plugins are processed in.

Pages without conflict check

All pages that are exempt from the conflict check are listed here.

Add page
Opens a dialog where pages can be selected and added to the list.

Delete page
Removes a page from the list.