Dependency properties - General tab

Applications module Example: View table Properties Dependencies tab / Add dependency


Provide the dependency with a title. Click here for more information about defining titles.

Application / Data group

If this dialog was opened from the properties of an application page, the application and data group can be selected here that the dependency should be configured for.

Filter is triggered by the following events

Displays the triggering controls.

Add event
Opens a dialog where an event and control can be selected.

Remove event
Deletes an event from the list.

Edit event
Opens a dialog where a different event can be assigned to the selected control.

"Control" column

All elements that events have been assigned to are listed here.

"Event" column

The events assigned to the controls are listed here. Events written in italics only function under specific conditions.


The filter is defined here that should be applied to the dependent data group.

Add new filter expression
Opens a dialog where a filter expression can be defined.

Edit filter in expert mode
Opens the Filter editor.

A complete description of dependencies can be found here.