View text area properties - Options tab

Applications module View text area Properties



The text is interpreted as HTML with this option.


The text is interpreted as Markdown with this option.


Displays unformatted text.

Replace line breaks with <br>

Enters the HTML tag <br> for every line break.


These settings are only available if the text area is not in a table.

Maximum text length (column width)

The number of displayed characters can be limited here. If you enter -1, all characters are shown.


The symbol entered here will be shown at the end of text that exceeds the maximum text length.


You can define the type of line break here. Click here for more information about the possible settings.


Enable protection against Cross-Site-Scripting

Prevents information, which comes from a context where it is not trusted, from being inserted into a context where it would be classified as trustworthy.

Show syntax highlighting

Activates syntax highlighting when viewing source code in the text area (applies to the options HTML and Markdown).

Column presentation in view tables

All other information on this topic can be found here.