Text format

Applications module Data group Properties Plugins Add or edit calendar plugin Add string or text data field / Select "Text" as the control type / Edit format



This format option will interpret the text as HTML.

Activate protection against Cross-Site-Scripting

If this setting has been set, this will prevent information, which comes from a context where it is not trusted, being inserted into a context where it would be classified as trustworthy.


If this option is selected, unformatted text will be shown.


Maximum text length (column width)

By entering a whole number, the maximum text length of the view field is determined. With a value of -1, all characters will be shown.


In this context, "Ellipsis" defines the character(s) that will be shown after the text, if it exceeds the maximum text length.

Line break

The settings, which can be selected in the drop-down list here, have the following effects on the line break: