Application Store - Intrexx Share 2.1 Add-ons

High-five for collaboration! Expand Intrexx Share with features that save you time and effort. The five add-ons in this package help you communicate, find answers, plan appointments, gather feedback and organize tasks. All Intrexx Share add-ons can be integrated quickly and work together seamlessly - plus rapid access via the Share navigation bar.


Digital communication in real-time. Whether you're chatting 1-to-1 or as a group, the Chat add-on allows you to exchange knowledge. Provide the chat participants with files, images and documents at the click of the mouse. Archive individual chats once the work is done. The integrated search helps you find knowledge - even after it is been archived.


A, B or C? Do you want to know which option is best? With the Polls add-on, you can create your own multiple-choice question and categorize them based on their topic. And you can define the possible answers: as text, image or text/image. Allow anonymous and/or multiple answers? That's your choice. The benefits: gather opinions quickly, promote collaboration, give impulses and gather new ideas.


The Tasks add-on is a powerful Kanban tool. Create projects and delegate the tasks related to it. Define the due dates, priorities and responsibilities. Inform the corresponding Share group via a checkbox. The benefits: save time thanks to improved organization, create transparency, find problems with process visualization and plan, monitor and control workflows better.


Really simplifies the finding of appointments. Suggest different dates to a defined user group. The participants select when they have time and can optionally suggest their own dates. You have a perfect overview thanks to the graphical analysis. The benefits: save time with simplified organization, include your colleagues and see everything you need at a glance.

Help me

Who, where, what, why? You've got the questions, someone from the company has the answer. Use the collective intelligence. Just post your question and specify more details and attach images and files if needed. Assign the question to category and provide it with a hashtag. This keeps things clear and simple. The benefits: solve problems more quickly, utilize the collective intelligence and reveal different solution processes.