Edit field properties - General tab

Applications module Edit field element Properties


Click here for more information about defining titles.

Display title in control

This setting means the title will be displayed in the edit field when it is viewed in the browser.

Input required

With this setting an edit field will be made a mandatory field.


With this setting, editing will be prevented.

Adjust to maximum available width

Adjusts the width of the element to its surrounding elements.

Open numeric pad when edit field is clicked

This setting is available on pages that have been transformed for mobile devices. Furthermore, the element must be connected to an integer data field. This shows a numeric keypad in the mobile end device which can be used to select and enter numbers into the field.

Open calendar in tooltip when edit field is clicked

This setting is available if the element is connected to a date data field.

If the edit field is clicked on in the browser, a small calendar will open. The selected date is transferred to the edit field when you click on "OK". If the page is transformed for mobile devices, a corresponding calendar will be shown on the mobile end device.