Button properties - General tab

Applications module Button Properties

1. Button type

1.1. Button

The button will be displayed as a button in the browser.

1.2. Text

The button will be displayed as a text link in the browser.

1.3. Image

An image of your choice will be used as a button in the browser.

2. Text

This menu item is shown when the button type is set to either "Button" or "Text".

2.1. Static text

If this option is selected, a title can be entered that will be shown as the button's label in the browser, if the button type "Button" is selected- If the button type "Text" us selected, the text, which will be displayed as a link, can be entered here.

2.2. Title

Click here for more information about defining titles.

2.3. Title from data field

"Title from data field" will use a value from a data field as the title.

2.4. Show text if access permissions are insufficient

If this setting is activated and the user does not have the corresponding permissions, a notification will appear to inform them of this.

2.5. Show "empty" when value does not exist

With this setting, the word "Empty" will be shown in the case of a null value.

2.6. Adjust height / width on button text

Here, the size of the button will automatically adjust to the size of the text.

2.7. Wordwrap

If the button type "Text" is selected, the wordwrap can be controlled here. Click here for more information.

3. Image

An image can be selected here for the "Image" button type. When the user clicks on the image in the browser, the button action is triggered.

3.1. Static image

With this option, a static image with or without an option for MouseOver can be used.
If you click on "OK" here, the button will be created. The size of an image will then be adjusted to the size of the button on the workspace. With the "Set original size" from the context menu, you can show the image in its original size on the workspace.

3.2. Image from data field

4. Options

4.1. Display if condition met

Click here for more information.

4.2. Spread to maximum available width

Adjusts the width of the button to its surrounding elements.

4.3. Target page animation in mobile browsers

This option allows you to determine how the button will function for mobile browsers. Select the direction of movement, "From right" or "From left".

This setting is only available if the current page has been transformed for mobile devices.

5. Export

On the Options tab for you have the ability to export the data records contained within them by clicking on a button in the table's footer. If the user clicks on the button in the browser, a dialog will open where the export formats can be selected.

5.1. Table

Here, all view tables and free layout tables can be selected that are located on the current page and show data from the same data group. Upon export, the data records for the selected table will be exported. For the research element, only the results table of the research can be selected; the selection of other tables on the page is not possible here.

5.2. Export column

You can see the possible export methods in this column:

5.3. Default column

In this column, you can define which export option should be preselected in the browser popup.

Add template
The additional context menu items "List, separated by separator" and "User-defined template" are available.

Edit template
Opens the dialog for editing the template.

Remove template
The currently selected template is removed from the list.

Move template up / down
Modify the order of the templates.

5.4. Display title

Here, you can decide whether the titles of the fields should be added to the export file as the first row.

5.5. Remove HTML

HTML formatting will be removed from the text. The options "Never", "Never as default", "Always", and "Always as default" are also available here.

5.6. Only export currently displayed data

Predefines, whether all data records, or only the data records shown in the table will be exported. The options "Never", "Never as default", "Always", and "Always as default" are also available here.

5.7. Filename without extension, e.g. export, addresses, ...

A name can be predefined for the export file. Do not write a file extension here, as this will be added automatically to the file based on the export format.