Changelog for Online Update No. 02

Bugfixes and features, published on 04.05.2021

  1. Update to patch level 02

  2. IX-9793: Hotkeys in the portal export dialog

    work again

  3. IX-10283: Publish layout

    The permissions are now set correctly.

  4. IX-11478: Calendar plugin

    Event handling for very small event displays has been improved.

  5. IX-11491: Dynamic view in tables

    Special characters are output as HTML encoded during export.

  6. IX-11870: Calendar and resource

    Calendar navigator and main calendar are now responsive. The individual elements are better separated.

  7. IX-12219: Intrexx services

    On systems that do not have a service manager (e.g. Docker containers), a warning is now written in the portal log instead of an error if a service could not be started via the service manager.

  8. IX-12256: Tree with setting "Input required"

    Exception when saving fixed

  9. IX-12270: Create portal

    Error if the option instance.daemon.manager=NONE was set in

  10. IX-12348: Check email addresses for validity

    Intrexx can now be configured to support internationalized email addresses. Compare:

  11. IX-12532: Email configuration

    In text mails, the base URL is missing for buttons on the integrated page

  12. IX-12567: Transfering style classes to child elements

    Additional style class for buttons in view tables are also assigned to the child text element

  13. IX-12622: Text area / View text area

    Not possible to use multiline static default value

  14. IX-12656: Velocity file for initialization

    is not evaluated in emails

  15. IX-12658: "Users" module

    Improved error message

  16. IX-12728: Create portal

    The base URL was empty during Docker deployment. When creating new portals, the base URL can now be configured via docker-compose.yml.

  17. IX-12732: Control type Tree path / Binding tab

    When closing the dialog with OK, the control type is changed, the control loses its original function as tree path

  18. IX-12735: Portal properties

    A change of the base URL was not always saved correctly. Saving is now performed correctly.

  19. IX-12736: Edit page in a free layout table

    In certain constellations the saved record was opened in the whole browser window. The display is now in the correct size.

  20. IX-12739: Calendar and resource

    Opening a (resource) calendar could cause errors in the browser console. This is now no longer the case.

  21. IX-12756: Tomcat / NGINX

    ATLSv2 and TLSv3 as the default for encrypted connections on the web. The following files must no longer contain TLSv1.1 but only TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3:

    * ${INTREXX_HOME}/samples/web-tls-configuration/nginx/portal-*.conf

    * ${PORTAL_DIR}/tomcat/conf/server*.xml

    * NGINX configurations generated by Intrexx.

    Existing configurations for Tomcat and NGINX are not changed by the online update.

  22. IX-12757: Application import

    Applications were not opened after import, although the "Open after import" option was enabled during import. Applications are now opened after import if the option is enabled accordingly.

  23. IX-12759: Create portal

    When creating a new portal and selecting NGINX as the front-end web server, the value entered in the "NGINX Virtual Host" edit field was not retained. This was the case when navigating back and forth while setting up the front-end web server. The entered value is now retained.

  24. IX-12760: Create portal

    When creating a new portal and selecting NGINX as the front-end web server, the value entered in the "NGINX configuration file" edit field was not always correctly deleted after removing it. Deleting the value is now done correctly and when the page is opened, it checks whether the edit fields are filled or not.

  25. IX-12710: Create portal

    When creating a new portal and selecting NGINX as the front-end web server, an error occurred in connection with the dialog for storing the configuration file when showing and hiding hidden files (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException). This is now no longer the case.

  26. IX-12764: Configure NGINX

    The addition "(default setting)" is now no longer logged. If the configuration file field is empty, then a default path is suggested.

  27. IX-12765: Configure NGINX

    In the portal properties under "Front-end web server (reverse proxy / load balancer)", changes made were not applied when switching to a different menu item. The changes or entries are now retained.
  28. IX-12782: Front-end web server

    If you selected the type "No front-end web server" in under "Front-end web server (reverse proxy / load balancer)" in the portal properties and activated encryption (HTTPS) there, then the encryption remained even if you changed the type to Internet Information Service (IIS). When changing the type to Internet Information Service (IIS), the encryption is now also reset.

  29. IX-12783: OData Connector

    Save causes error message

  30. IX-12790: Edit menu structure

    If the "Edit menu structure after import" check box was deactivated in the import dialog, the menu structure dialog was started anyway. This is now no longer the case.

  31. IX-12801: Edit page in a free layout table

    does not save attachments in child data group

  32. IX-12827: Convergent M-Files Connector update

    New Jars

  33. IX-12828: Application import

    Fixed an error when importing applications with global language constants

  34. IX-12838: Date picker calendar

    The dark layout has a light date picker. In the dark layout, a dark date picker is now the default setting.

  35. IX-12882: Application export

    Dialog freezes

  36. IX-12939: Email service

    Improved performance when creating emails

  37. IX-12990: Drop-down list / Data mapping

    Data mapping is now guaranteed again.

  38. IX-13010: Online Update

    In Docker deployments, no updatefilesfromblank was executed during the update. Due to several adjustments, the update is now executed correctly.

  39. IX-13013: Online Update

    PortalPatcher in updatefilesfromblank was not initialized correctly. The init() method of the PortalPatcher is now called correctly, which sets the Intrexx installation directory and does not create an NPE.