Changelog for Online Update No. 01

Bugfixes and features, published on 12.04.2021

  1. IX-8116: Portal Manager start page

    Start page has a scrollbar when you return from another module

  2. IX-9514: Office Integration

    Setup dialogs show use of virtual sites, which is no longer supported as of Intrexx 19.03

  3. IX-9859: : Operator filter

    Focus does not work during input

  4. IX-9875: ReadContainers / WriteContainers

    If there is a high number of data fields, the call of the Binding tab becomes more and more sluggish

  5. IX-10038: Application export

    Commented GUIDs from other applications in scripts are interpreted as a current link so the corresponding application must be included in the export

  6. IX-10226: List of the file storage locations of connected applications

    is not corre

  7. IX-10478: Parameter

    is not transferred to free layout table

  8. IX-10701: Open application

    Application locked by another user can be partially opened

  9. IX-10757: Search

    finds deactivated Intrexx Share users

  10. IX-10763: License

    no indication of Intrexx version

  11. IX-10765: ReadContainers / WriteContainers

    Clicking on Binding in the WriteContainer immediately switches to edit mode

  12. IX-10779: Text areas (editor mode)

    Enable focus

  13. IX-10816: Schema manager - Edit attribute

    When a user-defined Boolean attribute is entered, the tick box jumps

  14. IX-10891: Binding

    uses the displayed value instead of the saved value for drop-down lists

  15. IX-11022: Replication

    Dialog does not show the server, port and password

  16. IX-11033: Online Update

    Pages with DIV layout get table layout after patch

  17. IX-11054: Tab men

    Link does not contain &rq_DatarangeGuid

  18. IX-11202: Bindings

    Display in the Portal Manager is too short

  19. IX-11238: User objects

    Set members cannot be edited

  20. IX-11309: Layout

    Java - image scaling problematic under Debian

  21. IX-11380: Filter information

    only displays value range instead of label

  22. IX-11384: Portlets

    Centering containers in portlet settings does not work in preview

  23. IX-11396: Portal import

    PatchCache and XmlPatchCache extremely slow down the import process

  24. IX-11403: WebSocke action / System value

    System value is not saved with Enter

  25. IX-11438: Grid settings

    Overview cannot show offset

  26. IX-11448: Grid settings

    Changing the background image in grid leads to NullPointerException

  27. IX-11475: File selection

    Prevent saving during uplo

  28. IX-11506: Generate documents

    Error if an HTML or Velocity variable is in the header

  29. IX-11511: Diagnosis

    does not contain scheduler logs

  30. IX-11519: Parameters

    Changes are applied despite clicking on "Cancel"

  31. IX-11533: File selection

    New callback options

  32. IX-11629: Chart

    does not display legend

  33. IX-11638: Search

    Search results tooltip of the global search has two scrollbars

  34. IX-11644: Search in the Applications module

    Elements from hidden area cannot be focused and edited

  35. IX-11647: User objects

    are deleted on Mac OSX, which should not be removed

  36. IX-11677: Data transfer

    Focus jumps when creating an auto value

  37. IX-11681: Edit portal pages

    Check permission if user does not have administrator permissions

  38. IX-11690: OData Provider

    Metadata should only be optionally accessible without Auth

  39. IX-11707: OData Provider

    Use HTTPS URL in dialog and metadata display

  40. IX-11712: Chart

    Titles of line values are removed

  41. IX-11757: Data mapping

    does not work

  42. IX-11777: "Indexes" tab

    Size cannot be changed

  43. IX-11785: Portal permissions

    Settings for external data groups

  44. IX-11787: "Data transfer" system application

    prevents you from opening other applications

  45. IX-11788: Portal export

    AccessDeniedException when selecting an export directory

  46. IX-11804: Upgrade

    to 10.0.0 triggers patcher for 9.4

  47. IX-11810: Intrexx Share - Administration

    It is not possible to switch to other modules from the "Filebox" module in the administration mode

  48. IX-11813: Global search

    Search options are no longer displayed after searching again

  49. IX-11815: Users module

    Preset "Object name" always identical with "Full name"

  50. IX-11826: Chart

    GUIDs of line titles change each time the dialog is closed

  51. IX-11827: Menu

    Wrong entry is marked if app appears twice

  52. IX-11840: M-Files Connector

    Colon in document title returns error

  53. IX-11841: Data transfer

    Problems with export / import of jobs

  54. IX-11862: User group

    cannot be selected by double-click

  55. IX-11869: Exchange Connector

    Login tooltip does not close after login

  56. IX-11877: File selection

    checkRequired() works

  57. IX-11879: Radio button group

    setRequired() method does not work

  58. IX-11880: Portal Manager

    PortalStatisticsServiceBean: InterruptedException

  59. IX-11882: OData Connector

    Connection test error

  60. IX-11903: Application import

    Add file to import via drag and drop no longer works

  61. IX-11911: Chart

    XSL generates incorrect shapedable.vm

  62. IX-11942: OData (V4) Connector

    Fully support for If-Match / Etag

  63. IX-11946: Open application

    First opening takes a long time

  64. IX-11964: Date picker

    Styles only visible on the Expert tab

  65. IX-11966: Generate documents

    Fonts get random styles during document generation

  66. IX-11967: Ticker

    Ticker - Default URL must be changed to https

  67. IX-11994: dg hyparchive Connector

    Sorting the selection lists in the Portal Manager

  68. IX-12005: Thumbnails in view tables

    are not correct with SVG

  69. IX-12014: Portlets

    Information is not read from meta_application.xml

  70. IX-12035: Portal permissions

    Incorrect permissions for querying log files

  71. IX-12063: View tree

    does not display all records if more than 1000 elements are to be loaded

  72. IX-12078: Online Update

    Transformation error in publishallapplications.log when updating from 9.2.15 to 9.2.18

  73. IX-12084: Global search

    with high number of records works with enter key but no result with Search button

  74. IX-12090: Free layout table

    Pages included in free layout tables set focus in the main page

  75. IX-12107: Calendar application

    Creation sometimes takes a long time

  76. IX-12117: Navigation element

    Arrangement of the display is jumbled

  77. IX-12120: Search

    Outdated instantiation of CloudSolrClient

  78. IX-12128: Application export

    Search for GUID in dialog does not work

  79. IX-12152: Search

    Click on result "Home" produces ValidationException

  80. IX-12154: Search

    List of hits is sometimes not updated

  81. IX-12159: Statistics

    Portlets with auto-pagination are counted

  82. IX-12168: Additional calendar control: "Previous/Next"

    Application can no longer be published

  83. IX-12169: Grid

    "Null" in the sheet title when creating a new sheet

  84. IX-12170: Additional calendar control: "Select view"

    Application can no longer be published

  85. IX-12175: Calendar

    Error when changing an actio

  86. IX-12177: Drop-down list

    Performance problem in the ApplicationListProcessor nd ReferenceListProcessor

  87. IX-12185: ProxyLoginPage

    incorrect icon

  88. IX-12187: Script

    creates a different web.xml depending on the call

  89. IX-12204: Document generation

    SVG icons throw exceptions

  90. IX-12229: Button - Action type

    not selectable under certain circumstances

  91. IX-12236: Search configuration

    Properties are displayed with a single click

  92. IX-12242: Generate documents

    Metadata info for .png files returns null and interrupts document generation

  93. IX-12247: Portal properties

    Error with undefined base URL

  94. IX-12248: Sitemap

    can no longer be opened

  95. IX-12252: Groovy

    IBinding.isValueAvailable(String) throws exceptions

  96. IX-12266: Generate documents

    SVG images throw errors when document is created using a template.

  97. IX-12278: JavaScript

    Error at setRequired in UpDataEditControl.ts

  98. IX-12287: Layout

    Changes not visible in the browser

  99. IX-12294: Exchange Connector

    Exchange data group edit page contains all fields as mandatory parameters

  100. IX-12303: Import/Export portal

    "Disable process during import into a portal for security reasons" overrides export action

  101. IX-12317: Edit field with "float" data type

    Incorrect input in float/currency edit field leads to error when canceling

  102. IX-12318: Application templates

    Display of templates does not behave correctly

  103. IX-12322: Page with scrollbars

    incorrect focus behavior during loading

  104. IX-12329: File selection

    Advanced functionality is lost when closing the properties dialog

  105. IX-12337: Front-end web server

    Manual setup - Information is clearer

  106. IX-12346: Table export

    with dependencies causes errors

  107. IX-12379: TinyMCE Editor

    upgraded to Version 5.7.0

  108. IX-12382: TinyMCE

    Custom toolbar icons do not have MouseOver texts

  109. IX-12395: Generate documents

    Document template with conditional display throws error

  110. IX-12403: Edit field with "float" data type

    different behavior on input

  111. IX-12410: Create application

    Wrong icon for the "Basic application" template

  112. IX-12420: Front-end web server

    Change from manual web server setup to other web server type does not update the base URL

  113. IX-12433: Replication

    of user images: Metadata is not nulled correctly.

  114. IX-12457: Intrexx Share

    shareAddon.js: loadAppSnippetVm - parameter not correct

  115. IX-12466: OData provider

    Exception for POST of an Entity with the Complex Type Property as the JSON Payload

  116. IX-12545: Slider control

    not available in the browser

  117. IX-12551: Data Picker

    can no longer be defined in list boxes

  118. IX-12566: Create application

    Re-enable quick opening of an application with Enter

  119. IX-12571: Undo

    Action results in optimized publishing error

  120. IX-12577: Application import

    Freezes when importing from Share 3.1.5

  121. IX-12590: Layout - Menus

    Error in code oMenuTree.getMenuItem

  122. IX-12595: Create application

    Enable quick opening of an app with arrow keys and Enter

  123. IX-12608: Data groups

    DATAGROUP client function fails if table name contains "$".

  124. IX-12611: Regional settings / Format

    1000 separators with spaces are not properly supported

  125. IX-12624: dg hyparchive Connector

    Search configuration is incorrect

  126. IX-12631: Namespace documentation


  127. IX-12632: Calendar plugin

    not visible

  128. IX-12644: Select search configurations

    Double-click when selecting search confiuguration deviates from the usual pattern

  129. IX-12670: Log in to portal

    Incorrect password entry leads to an ERROR entry in portal log

  130. IX-12677: Generate documents

    PDF creates infinite loop when loading

  131. IX-12683: Portals

    Waiting for DB availability at container start

  132. IX-12691: Groovy

    When creating users via Groovy API, no image metadata is written to the database

  133. IX-12697: Intrexx Share - Navigation

    Number of new posts in groups is calculated incorrectly